Mentor's Responsibilities

The mentor's responsibility to the entrepreneur:

  • Establish and maintain contact with the entrepreneur
  • Develop an intimate understanding of the entrepreneur's enterprise operations
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the entrepreneur's business
  • Coach the entrepreneur through problem-solving and decision-making alternatives chosen by the entrepreneur
    • Develop an understanding of the entrepreneur's personality and capability
  • Assess the entrepreneur's development level and provide counseling where necessary
  • Share experience and give directions as the need arises
  • Channel the entrepreneur towards sources that will help
  • Facilitate the "opening of doors" where possible
  • Liaise on a monthly basis with the Dominica Youth Business Trust on matters relating to his assigned entrepreneur
  • Connect with the family members who function in a supportive role for the entrepreneur

The mentor's responsibility to the DYBT:

  • Involvement as a mentor of DYBT is on a voluntary basis
  • Initial commitment as a mentor is for a period of at least one (1) year
  • The mentor agrees to work with at least one (1) entrepreneur for the stipulated duration. No more than two (2) entrepreneurs per mentor at the same time is recommended, except in the case where more than two entrepreneurs operate in partnership within the same enterprise
  • Once the relationship with one (1) entrepreneur has formally ended, the mentor may accept or volunteer to work with another entrepreneur or may terminate the mentoring relationship with DYBT
  • The mentor commits to dedicate at least 3 contact hours per month to working directly with the entrepreneur. There is no maximum number of contact hours
  • The mentor and the entrepreneur take full responsibility for arranging appropriate time, place and purpose of meetings
  • DYBT may assign an entrepreneur to the mentor or the mentor may choose his or her entrepreneur from DYBT's list of entrepreneurs. Matches will be made on the basis of complementary strengths of the mentor and the weaknesses of the entrepreneur. Some consideration is given to the nature of the business operation of the entrepreneur
  • Communication, be it oral or in writing, regarding the entrepreneur is directed only to the Dominica Youth Business Trust
  • All information of a business or personal nature shared between the mentor and the entrepreneur should be treated with utmost confidentiality
  • The mentor informs the Dominica Youth Business Trust appropriately, if he or she becomes unable to continue in the mentoring role permanently or temporarily. If the mentor does not wish to terminate the relationship with DYBT, the mentor may request status as a 'temporarily inactive mentor'. When he or she is ready to return, status may be reactivated
  • The mentor or entrepreneur may request to be reassigned to someone else in cases where the relationship is irreconcilable
  • The mentor should be willing to participate in mentorship training, networking meetings and other activities of the DYBT family