June 2020 Newsletter

Where there is a will, there is a way. This is a mantra that the Dominica Youth Business Trust drew from as it sought to recommence the 14th Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP). As mentioned in the LOOKIN previous issue , the training programme was suspended due to COVID-19. At that point, only half of the programme was completed, leaving two entire weeks of sessions incomplete.

The Trust quickly brainstormed possible alternatives for the resumption of training - one such avenue being the delivery of sessions via the online medium, Zoom. However for this to take place, it was of paramount importance to assess all of the participants' access to the internet as well as a device with internet connectivity. From a survey conducted, it was discovered that approximately 7 participants had difficulty with access to the internet, while 2 had no access to a proper electronic device. The Trust is thankful for its partner, the International Organization for Migration, for the provision of internet data boxes and two tablet to entrepreneurs who were disadvantaged. This intervention ensured that no participant was left behind as a result of these circumstances.

Read the entire June 2020 Newsletter (PDF, 1,155 KB).

Posted: 30/12/2019