A mentor is a person who gives help and advice through measured dispensations of knowledge. The Mentor provides guidance which enables and empowers the "entrepreneur" to accomplish his or her business goals. Mentors are sensitive and always seek to build warm relationships.

The Mentorhsip Programme

The mentorship programme is designed to provide a one-on-one support to aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs ages 18 to 35 years. Through the process of mentoring, the DYBT intends to:

  • Help them discover their abilities
  • Build their self confidence
  • Expose them to growth experiences
  • Develop trust
  • Encourage professional behaviour
  • Heighten their self-awareness
  • Empower them to confront challenges and negative attitudes.

The Programme also adopts the mentoring model of the Youth Business International (YBI). The DYBT partners with the Barbados Youth Business Trust and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in the development of the Mentorship Programme. The online mentoring toolkit of the Youth Business International (YBI) and the DYBT Mentors Handbook form part of the Trust's training material for staff and mentors.

The Dominica Youth Business Trust networks with several public and private sector organizations, non-government organizations, financial institutions and individuals in the identification, screening and recruitment of suitable individuals to serve as mentors. The Trust keeps a profile on all its prospective mentors and prepares them for mentoring assignments through orientation and training. The Trust provides ongoing periodic training for mentors and mentees. The Enterprise Development Officer who is specifically trained in mentorship management is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the Mentorship programme on a full time basis. The mentors serve on a voluntary basis; however in situations where mentors incur travel expenses to provide services to their mentees, the Trust provides the mentors with an honorarium upon submission of a report. The goal of the Mentorship Programme is to develop and maintain a growing and effective network of committed and competent mentors with a diversity of skills and expertise to provide the desired guidance for the development of its entrepreneurs.